Summer update #1

June 23, 2010

It has been a little while since I last blogged. I have been busy finishing up a Ph.D. related project, namely my written prelim, and haven’t had any time for posting updates. However, I have three important things.

First, I am continuing to work with the Fedora project to get JAGS formally into Fedora. Afterwards, I do hope to get R-rjags and R-coda into Fedora as well but these are much more easily installable via the fantastic R package manager and admittedly are very low on my priorities.

The second big thing that I’ve been working on is writing a KDE/Qt R editor. I know cantor and rkward exist and that you can use kate, kwrite, etc., however, none of these editors really meet my R needs. Rkward is the closest, but is way too feature rich for my needs. I am hoping that my R editor will be similar to ESS and TINN-R. I mostly just want syntax highlighting (which I already have partially implemented), the ability to easily send a line(s) of coding to a terminal using a keystroke (will default to Ctrl+R like RGui in Windows but will be configurable in a preferences dialog), the ability to launch R from the editor in a separate window (e.g. konsole, gnome-terminal, etc.), and the ability to run Sweave on the document. Maybe by the end of the summer I will be ready to release a preview or a beta version, but I am not sure.

Finally, and lowest down on the priority list, I plan on writing a MCMC program in C++. After creating this program and bolstering my C++ and MCMC skills, I will stop writing the program once I’ve learned enough (as it’s a didactic experience) and instead will actively contribute to JAGS or MCMCglmm or some other Bayesian program that can interact with R. Alternatively, I might consider trying to create a KDE/Qt frontend to JAGS that could also call R and rjags just to run the JAGS engine and nothing else. I am uninterested in a Qt fronted to R (btw, that’s called rkward).

But that’s a long way down the road.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?


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