GNU IceCat for Debian Squeeze 64 bit

May 25, 2010

I decided that I wanted a newer version of Firefox than 3.5.9 that was presently in Debian Squeeze. I read elsewhere that this would be the version that Squeeze would be shipping (Iceweasel 3.5.x) with and not Firefox 3.6.x. So I decided to roll my own. Rather then roll out the newer version of Iceweasel, I thought I would try GNU IceCat. I packaged up 3.6.3 for Squeeze 64 bit and if you’re interested you can download the 64 bit package here. I plan to continue to update this package if people are interested. Please let me know if you find it useful.



  1. Thanks for this, I am finding it quite useful!

    I have been trying to compile my own 32 bit source, may I ask how you overcame missing the GLIB 1.2.0 package?

    I can’t seem to find my way past this one.

    • I just did a rebuild of the Ubuntu source. I would imagine if you just rebuilt the Ubuntu source then you’d have no problem. Is that how you were trying to do it? I added the source available here … https://launchpad.net/~gnuzilla-team/+archive/ppa … and then just rebuilt it from the deb-src package.

      • That’s not how I was going about it, but it’s not a bad idea either!! I tried apt-get installing it with the launchpad PPA but it failed, I then abandoned that method pretty quickly.

        I grabbed the source from the GNUzilla site and found myself missing several dependencies, but eventually got those resolved and built the source.

        IceCat is a great browser, I thank you for your deb which is the reason I started using it to begin with!!

  2. Good job!!!

  3. Are you planning on updating (regularly) the Debian
    Squeeze .deb (binary)? Also, how to get to the deb-src for this package?

    Right now, the package is for 3.6.3 Icecat, and the latest Firefox is 3.6.8.

    thank you, this is great!!!

    • No I won’t be updating this package sorry. You can get the deb-src from the Ubuntu Icecat PPA and build it on Squeeze.

    • OK, I had a change of heart. Click here for IceCat-3.6.8. I can’t promise I will keep up to date but I will try and once Firefox hits Debian again (as the artwork is now free), I will start tracking that for Squeeze.

  4. Thanks

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