MCMC CFA talk and update

May 21, 2010

As promised, here is my talk on how to run a Markov Chain Monte Carlo confirmatory factor analysis model in JAGS. Click here to download the talk. The talk is pretty complete. It provides a brief background on Bayesian, MCMC, CFA, and then some JAGS code. It also includes my tested model (using graphviz).

Feel free to leave comments on the talk.

This summer I am in the process of going through and reading Gelman’s Bayesian textbook. Last summer I worked through Bradley Carlin’s book and a few other books. I plan to adapt his code, especially the hierarchical modeling code, from BUGS to JAGS and I may post it here.

Also, it should be noted that all of my materials presented on this blog, including attachments, are released under a Creative Commons license or GNU GPL 3. Feel free to modify and distribute my materials as specified under the terms of these licenses.



  1. Link is broken 😦

    • Hi Phil,
      It’s fixed. But please use my notes at your own discretion. I haven’t done anything with Bayesian and CFAs for a long time. Be warned!

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