Bayesian Multilevel Talk

April 28, 2010

As promised, I am posting my Bayesian multilevel talk. You can get it here . It briefly introduces Bayesian, MCMC, and Bayesian multilevel modeling. The presentation was created in beamer (.tex file is available upon request) and I used JAGS, rjags, and MCMCglmm to run my models. The presentation includes syntax for running Bayesian models in these programs.

Next week I will post a new presentation on Bayesian CFA. The analysis will be performed in rjags again.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I am specifically interested in knowing if something is unclear or just plain wrong.

Finally, I again this summer plan to go through another Bayesian textbook (Gelman’s book) and will attempt to publish more code on this website. I am going to focus primarily on regression and multilevel models as I know these techniques a lot better than latent models. If you’re interested in seeing a model written in JAGS syntax for rjags let me know. Also, if interest exists I might put together a how-to with JAGS.

Finally, I will only be publishing code for the JAGS language as it’s the only multi-platform opensource Gibbs sampler and all code you will see written here from now on will only be written if it’s a computational solution to a problem for Windows, Mac, and Linux users (The *BSDs and OpenSolaris too I guess). No Windows only stuff.

One other thing: COMMENTING IS WHAT LETS ME KNOW YOU FIND THIS USEFUL AND THAT I SHOULD KEEP DOING THIS. Unless you leave comments I have no way of knowing that this is useful and that I’m not wasting my time. The purpose of this blog is to be didactic not pedantic. So if you find this useful please let me know.



  1. I would appreciate if you could post the ‘handout’ version of your presentation.

    I am looking forward to the Bayesian CFA slides.

    • I just changed the presentation and had all the items on a frame come in at the same time. This should make it easier for viewing/printing. To view the updated presentation just click on the presentation link in the original post again.

  2. thanks for posting this Bayesian multilevel discussion–it is very helpful…I invite readers interested in unique the aspects of Bayesian methods to that of frequentists toward the papers of Thomas Loredo: http://www.astro.cornell.edu/staff/loredo/bayes/tjl.html

  3. This presentation really is very helpful. Thank you for posting it!
    I would be very interested in a How-To for Multilevel Models in JAGS.

  4. Thank you very much for the multilevel and the CFA talk slides. Have been very helpful and informative!

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