Icedove 3 amd64 packages for Debian Unstable (and Testing)

January 30, 2010

I grew impatient waiting for Icedove 3 (aka Thunderbird 3) to hit Debian Unstable, so I rolled my own packages for amd64 (only architectures available in Experimental were for i386 and armel). I’m uploading them in case they are of interest to anyone. They were built using build-deps from sid. I haven’t done any real testing with them but they *seem* to work fine here.

Note: They likely work on Testing but I haven’t tried and can’t. Feel free to leave a comment if they do so that others know.

EDIT (Feb 3, 2010): This package works fine on Debian Testing. So feel free to install it on Testing all the dependencies are in place. Also note this is just a rebuild of the source from Experimental so I haven’t done anything fancy other than just

apt-get source icedove
sudo apt-get build-dep icedove
dch -l local # To add the 'local' part to the package name #
debuild -us -uc
sudo dpkg -i ../icedove_3.0.1-1local1_amd64.deb

i.e. I did a complete rebuild not just a checkinstall.

2nd EDIT (May 4 2010): I am pulling my icedove 3 packages because icedove 3 is in Squeeze now and that is what people should be installing because it’s maintained and gets security updates! My package is not maintained, is old, and is no more!


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