PDF annotation in Linux and update about Bayesian guide

December 11, 2009

I have been searching for a program that can annotate PDFs natively in Linux. I stumbled upon this PDF guide. However, I didn’t want to use Wine if I didn’t have to. Fortunately I came across Jarnal. While Jarnal isn’t as fully featured as using a PDF viewer under Wine, it does work. Also there’s a Debian package. So if you’re looking for an alternative to running Foxit or PDF-XChange Viewer via Wine, Jarnal is a viable option.

To use Jarnal, I do the following: File -> Open Background (and find the PDF I’m interested in) then I set Format -> Paper and Background “Lined” to “Plain”. I am not sure how to set this up as a default. But it works well and at least I can annotate.

Also, I plan to update the Bayesian guide during my break between semesters. Mostly, I plan to extend on the information about priors and maybe write up some simple code comparing GLM to MCMC results. The code will most likely be written in R but it might include some BUGS code. Ideally, it would be code in JAGS but I don’t know JAGS yet. We’ll see if I get time to learn it over break. Probably won’t.


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